Speedys Rd Hydro Ltd

Tawarau River above intake location
Tawarau River below intake location
Powerhouse location before construction
Overview of site on completion - before removal of site office
2m diameter penstock pipe before installation
Penstock pipe placement and joint welding before burial
Construction zone
Overview of site
Concrete placement of Powerhouse spillway
Powerhouse draft tube outlet during construction
Aerial view of powerhouse & spillway
Aerial view of Powerhouse
Completed spillway and Power House building
Front view of powerhouse on completion.
Penstock pipe during fabrication
Transporting penstock pipe ex Tauranga wharf to site
11.8m x 2m diameter penstock pipes
Aerial view of siteworks
Speedys Rd Hydro Ltd
Aerial view of coffer dam during intake construction
Intake construction
Intake finished